This is an “ass kicker site for creatives”

24 Jun

Although it may be a tired analogy, the “wearing many hats” theme works well for Todd. As a husband, father, artist, creative and spiritual mentor, and organizational leader, Todd aspires to bring clarity, purpose and creative freedom to people and organizations. His primary passion is seeing people creatively unleashed and teaching them how to dwell in the realm of the possible rather than getting sucked into the land of the practical. “There’s nothing more exciting to me than seeing someone truly come alive – creatively, emotionally, spiritually. Seeing the light bulb over a person’s head when they finally ‘get it’ is all that I can ask for. It’s what fuels my passion.” Todd grew up in a small town in Southern Ohio, then studied Marketing at Miami University in Oxford, OH. While he was in school, Todd traveled and performed country music, a passion since childhood, and upon graduation he decided to make a run at a career as a performer. He and his band traveled the country performing his unique brand of “neo-west-coast” country for tens of thousands of appreciative fans, and shared the stage with such artists as Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney and the Dixie Chicks among many others. During this time, Todd learned much about the intersection of art and commerce and the unique pressures faced by pros in today’s “create-on-demand” world. Todd is the founder and President of The Accidental Creative Company, a movement dedicated to bringing creative freedom to individuals and organizations. The rallying cry for Accidental Creative is “Cover Bands Don’t Change The World”, which is an encouragement to do the difficult work of finding something unique to contribute rather than simply imitating what others have done. Accidental Creative’s website,, has quickly become the destination of choice for thousands of “create-on-demand” pros wanting to improve their long-term creative viability and productivity. Todd also consults and coaches individuals and organizations wanting to uncover their unique voice and creative rhythm.For more information about Todd and his work, please visit:

Todd Henry This is a great website you should check it out. We have been Premium Content member for a couple of years which entitles us to Podcasts, training, whiteboard sessions etc. Check out some of the Podcasts which are great lessons for us all as we try to survive and thrive in a Creative on Demand World. We will be making some of the Podcasts available on our blog soon once we have the technology to do so. PJ

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